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1 : what is your name? Ans:  I am Omotoso Akintunde Olujuwon
2 : what is your art name? Ans: My art name is Windy Trail
3.  What is your Birthday Ans: 8th May
4. Can you tell us a few things about your journey as a music artist and how it all started  Ans: Music is one powerful thing that has reached out to me since I was young. Melodies drive me crazy — sweet ones. I got into my local church choir as the only young person at the age of 7. I was there just to see if I could sing! I sang well. As at that time, I was already writing a few poetic songs that only I understood. It all continued that way being part of bands, groups, choirs and doing backup vocals for artists until I finally rediscovered my line of music and decided to make it a lifetime career. I've actively spent two decades loving music and just a year as an artist.
5. Tell us about your style of music Ans: Oh my! That's the real me! For genres, I don't mess with RnB, Soul, Jazz and Pop. I love them to my bones. They all have a major influence on my evolving style of music. The style I'm creating is one in which the extraordinary can be related with by every listener through the message of love, life and essence with irresistible melodies and harmonies. I love it that my music creates an evergreen atmosphere that is very contagious and it draws listeners to their pure core, the spirit. I have a name for the style already but it will be made known much later.
6. What are your hobbies Ans: I love writing, driving, table tennis, swimming, listening, helping someone and visiting.
7. Do you play any musical  instrument.Ans: Yes I do. I play the voice! I also play guitar and piano basically for accompaniment. 
8. What do you want to be known for in the Music Industry Ans: I want to have it on record and in my fans' hearts that my music and I are consumed in God's power and love and it is shared wholeheartedly, sincerely and creatively with the world. Also, I will be known for being one of the greatest singers, performers and entertainers the world has ever seen. 
9. What are you currently working on? Ans: It's hot! Another single from my soon coming debut album will be released on the 19th of December. It's called '  Say your Love . The song has the ability to appeal, correct and keep its captivation. I'm glad it's my sound and my audience would love it.
10. Do you have any performance inview you want your fans to attend? Ans: For now, making a decision on which of the shows or programs to perform at is tasking. However, my fans will be carried along in all.
Thank you for your patience...until then Say your love 

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